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Green Growth 2050 is a new dynamic product and service set that links sustainable tourism and corporate social responsibility in support of Green Growth. It has been developed by Greenearth.travel, based in the EU and VisionCSR based in Australia. It draws on their multi decade experience as leaders and innovators in creating sustainable travel and tourism frameworks, as well as their extensive partnerships and alliances focused on green economy transformation and climate response. It builds on traditional travel and tourism sustainability systems, based on proven activities of the partners. It will focus on practical systems to support Green Growth, which respond to the evolving policy framework and market need, which incorporate both CSR and Sustainability and which are progressively scalable.

Greenearth.travel (Ge.t) is a Brussels based company, established in 2010 to profitably provide services and tools for Green Growth and Travelism (Travel & Tourism) and to help countries, cities, communities, companies and consumers to – support transition to the new Green Economy; practice “Triple Bottom Line Plus” Sustainability: and encourage sustainable mobility through smart travel”. The company has built a global network of research and delivery partners for its Green Growth strategy, investment roadmaps, and learning programs. www.greengrowth.travel

VisionCSR is a Brisbane based, international consulting / training organisation specialising in the development and implementation of global solutions in CSR and sustainable travel and tourism. VisionCSR’s consultants are working with a range of organisations on projects involving sustainable business development, CSR, technology and training.