Green Growth 2050 – A New Global Standard

Green Growth 2050 has been developed to meet the needs of tourism and travel businesses seeking today’s solutions to the issues driving social, cultural and environmental change and move beyond the current one-dimensional, legacy, certification-based solutions of yesterday.

The Green Growth 2050 Global Standard is based on a range of internationally recognised environmental and hotel industry sustainability standards.

These include:

  • UN Global Compact;
  • The UNEP Green Economy Principles;
  • UN Declaration of Human Rights;
  • The Code against the sexual exploitation of children;
  • UNWTO Ethics in Tourism;
  • International Labour Organisation Standards; and,
  • The Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria for Hotels and Tour Operators.

A New Software Paradigm

Green Growth 2050 is delivered through InVision2050; an innovative CSR and sustainability software solution comprising modules for:

  • Performance Management
  • Compliance Assessment
  • Dashboard Analytics
  • Online Education Module

InVision2050 enables your organisation to measure its sustainability performance across a range of key performance metrics. Once collected, you can then use inbuilt business intelligence and analytics to view the performance of your overall organisation. Information can be analysed by individual business, region, brand or across an entire tourism enterprise or chain.

Online Knowledge Base and e-learning Module

Green Growth 2050 will include a range of training solutions to suit the needs of all users.

Training material may range from be generic information based courses from external sources (i.e. Introduction to Climate Change) through to specifically designed material tailored to a business’ Sustainability Project.

Examples of specific areas of training may include:

  • Introduction of International Conventions
  • GSTC & GRI
  • Your Corporate CSR Initiatives
  • Introduction to Sustainable Tourism
  • Climate Change
  • Green Growth & Travelism
  • The Sustainability and Reporting Framework
      • UN Global Compact
      • UNWTO Code of Ethics

Online training material may include articles, videos or presentations and will be included as part of a user’s subscription.